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Rangers Stadium Naming & Sports Direct by Ecojon

I might be totally off track but the news about the proposed renaming of Ibrox rang a few memory cells in my old noddle.

I have no intention of looking at the pros and cons of renaming or rebranding an established stadium as I truly believe it is a matter for fans to decide on unless club finances are critical and there is no option.

It would appear from press reports that Charles Green is meeting Bear reps at Ibrox tonight presumably to ‘sell’ the idea. Press reports also suggest it’s virtually a done deal with Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley. Continue reading


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Rangers FC Gets Its JJB Kit Off – Now Time for Sports Direct – by Ecojon

All change for Rangers who have had to get their JJB kit off and get ready for the unveiling of the new Sports Direct kit.

As usual the losers will be the fans who have already forked-out for new gear to help their club this year but as Mr Green said today: “The more that our fans invest in retail products, the more revenue can be generated and re-invested back into the club.”

So in the current love-in with the owner of The Rangers Football Club Ltd I am sure they will answer the call even though many know that they have little alternative as Green is the only game at Ibrox. Continue reading


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