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Charles Green’s Latest Rangers Statement – 18 Paragraphs – Wrong in 17!

Charles Green’s battle with the SPL and SFA continues. He has released a statement today which manages (almost) to contain at least one error in every single one of its eighteen paragraphs.

Either he is stupid, which he is not, or he has decided to continue to appeal to his core support, trotting out the lines he has repeated a number of times already, and ignoring almost everything said by the Commission, except for one point he grossly misinterprets!

I suspect that the reaction of Rangers fans to this statement would be almost 100% positive.

I wonder if, next time Mr Green appears to answer questions, someone of the press corps will ask him to explain or justify anything in this statement?

Maybe someone will ask him about his statement about the SPL ignoring his lawyers, which was contradicted by the Commission?

Maybe someone will ask why the lawyer for oldco and newco had said he was turning up, and pulled out at the last day?

Probably not… Continue reading


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And this Week’s Succulent Lamb Prize Goes to…”GERS THREATEN TO SNUB SPL”.

Today’s Daily Express trumpets the latest news story about Rangers FC, under the restrained headline – “GERS THREATEN TO SNUB SPL”.

It gains a place in the “succulent lamb” Hall of Fame.

And this week’s succulent lamb prize goes to…

The piece is below and my comments thereafter.

What I would say as a preamble is that there appears to be a concerted, and so far very successful, media campaign coming from Ibrox. Whether the brainchild of Media House’s Jack Irvine or from in-house, it cannot be denied that after a summer of disaster and possible despair, the press coverage in the last couple of weeks has been remarkably positive.

As with the piece by the BBC mentioning the nine players coming to Ibrox on loan from Newcastle (which I wrote about here recently) the facts or likelihood of the events discussed are ignored.
On the other hand, as the Newcastle loan story would have encouraged fans, especially as season tickets were on sale at the time, do the facts actually matter?

As I describe below this latest piece seems to me to be part of the continuing campaign to boost the credentials of Mr Green as a “True Blue” by having him and the fans singing from the same hymn sheet. Continue reading


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The SPL Commission re the Rangers FC – Is It Truly Independent?

Mr McCoist, as long as he reads the papers, looks at the news, or surfs the internet, will not have to issue a demand for names to be named of the SPL Independent Commission looking into alleged wrongdoing by Rangers FC.

The SPL yesterday issued the following statement:-

The Scottish Premier League today announced that the independent Commission to inquire into alleged EBT payments and arrangements made by Rangers in relation to players during the period from 2000 until 2011 will be chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith.

The other members of the independent Commission are Mr Charles Flint QC and Mr Nicholas Stewart QC.

The Commission will determine whether during that period in relation to alleged EBT payments and arrangements for players, Rangers was in breach of the relevant SPL Rules. In the event that the independent Commission decides that such breach or breaches occurred the independent Commission will have powers to determine what sanctions, if any, are appropriate. Continue reading


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The Rangers FC v the SPL and Dundee Utd – The Plot Thickens

As well as the issues directly relating to Dundee United’s £30,000, analysed in detail below, the statements emanating from the Rangers FC regarding the matter contain some interesting comments, perhaps indicating that Mr Green is not entirely sure of his ground.

First of all, if Mr Green believed that the Rangers FC no longer owe any Scottish clubs a penny, as he stated, then he needs to be educated as to what “debt” actually is. It would be strange for a businessman to have attained the heights and successes he has if not aware of that!

In addition, one of the arguments for the continuity of Rangers is that, whilst the companies which from time to time own the club might change, then club itself goes on forever. Therefore the administration and liquidation of the former owner has no bearing on the continuity of the club. By that analysis therefore, it was not “Rangers” which went into administration, but simply the corporate owner.

Would it surprise fans of the Ibrox team to see Mr Green now admitting that it was the club, and not the company, which went into administration?

Finally turning to the SPL prize money issue, there are lots of interesting legalities regarding waivers, title and gratuitous alienation which I will look at in detail in a soon to arrive post re what BDO might and can do as liquidators. For now there is the possibility that (a) ambiguous legal drafting has caused this mess (b) that newco might have acted, with authority from Duff and Phelps, to the prejudice of oldco’s creditors or (c) some other possibility has resulted in this mess. (I suspect Douglas Adams’ Infinite Improbability Drive is generating the continuing events in this story!) Continue reading


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The Errors in the Rangers FC Fan Groups’ Offensive Against SPL Inquiry

Last night three of the Rangers FC’s fans’ groups have come out fighting on the SPL proceedings to be dealt with by an Independent Commission.

The statement can be read in full below. I have appended some notes and comments which are in bold. I will say in advance that disagreeing with the fine gentlemen who make up these bodies is not my default position. However, the facts are the facts, and obfuscation and misleading words and ideas, however innocent, ought to be clarified.

I also wonder what advice, if any, the groups to0k before preparing the statement. There are various parts of it which seem to me to be defamatory of Harper MacLeod, of the SPL, of the Board members thereof and of officials of Celtic. Not perhaps the wisest of ideas.

If a siege mentality is being developed at Ibrox, as seems clearly to be ever more the case then this statement works perfectly. Outside obervers will view it as nonsensical and ill-informed.

Within the stockade however it will be seen as standing up for the club. Continue reading


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