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The Corporate Entity is NOT Rangers Football Club, Unless Mr Green Tries to Sell Shares In It?


I had partly written the post below but had laid it aside to do other things. Therefore yesterday’s news, which leads the post now, encouraged me to tidy it up and finish it off. For the avoidance of doubt, I am not suggesting that Mr Green or his associates are doing anything underhand or inappropriate. However, the stance seems to re-emphasise the Schrodinger’s Cat like qualities of the Rangers Football Club “entity”.

I wonder about the issue of the corporate entity v club idea, and suggest a scenario for Rangers fans to consider in the event that they choose to invest in the “corporate entity”. Continue reading


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Sky News’ City Editor Refers to “Re-Constituted Rangers” and “Cut Price” Asset Acquisition

I was directed to the piece below earlier today. The wider point of the flotation and exactly what investors would be buying is the subject of a post which is presently being drafted for me by Mr Lawwell personally, and I will post it when he gets it to me.  🙂

For now, I want to “fisk” the piece. My comments are in bold.

Sky News’ City Editor reported the following today:-

The new owner of Rangers Football Club is close to appointing advisers to kick off a swift return to the London stock market. I understand that the consortium led by Charles Green, which took control of the Scottish outfit in a cut-price £5.5m deal to acquire its assets in June, is poised to hire Cenkos Securities, the broking firm, to handle the flotation.

Mr Kleinman, the City Editor, is presumably a wise man in the affairs of business. You will note his reference to the “cut-price” deal to buy Rangers assets. I wonder what he thinks a fair price would have been? Maybe the £50 million that Mr Ahmad, one of the Rangers directors, claims is the value of the Rangers Football Club, “on a bad day”? Continue reading


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