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The Brechin Ultimatum – Did SFA Botch Rangers FC’s “Membership” – Are Any RFC Players Registered?

In which I look at the joint SFA/SFL/SPL/Sevco statement.

Who owns Rangers Football Club right now? Not Sevco Scotland according to the statement.

Plus why Brechin have three chances to defeat Rangers FC, one on the pitch and two off it.

Why it seems to me that the SFA have granted Sevco Scotland Ltd a membership which does not exist and why possibly there are simply no players of Rangers FC registered to play tomorrow. Continue reading


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Rangers FC and the SFA/SPL – No News is No News

Here is one for the conspiracy theorists – have a look at the SPL website. As it stands, there is no mention of Dundee and Club 12 is still listed in the league table and fixture list.

This is despite the press release from the SPL on 16th July following its AGM where it was stated:-

“It was agreed that Dundee FC would be invited to fill the space vacated by Rangers FC in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League.”

Maybe someone should check that the invitation turned up at Dens Park! We all know what it’s like to ask someone to a gathering or party, but they fail to arrive as the postal system lost the invitation.

How embarrassing for all concerned if Kilmarnock run out at Rugby Park on 4th August, and Dundee don’t show up, as their invite got lost.

Maybe Neil Doncaster could ring Dundee FC to tell them the good news. Continue reading


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One Day Closer…Rangers FC’s Race for A Licence + RFC’s new Slogan – “Bring a cheque and join the team!”

A quick roundup of news from Ibrox as Rangers FC approaches at top speed the deadline for a licence being granted.

The phrase “subject to SFA membership” has started to appear on Rangers.co.uk. Reality hitting home?

Where are they with membership? Mr Green and the BBC disagree.

What about Mr Kennedy’s offer from three weeks ago?

How did Rangers sign new contracts with players a few weeks ago, if they can’t do so now?

What does Mr McCoist want to sign SPL players, and, if membership is issued, will Mr Green allow him?

What is the Sevco/Rangers new battle cry?

And some good news, as the head of youth development at Ibrox talks in glowing terms of his leading lights and their ability to cope in SFL3. Continue reading


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And Here Is the News From Ibrox – More Chaos and Confusion

A quick run round the developments of the last couple of days in what is becoming the greatest show on earth.

Some thoughts on the return of Mr Kennedy and his dispute with Mr Green – could Mr Green have been taken out of the loop by the investors?

What about the season tickets – you cannot charge Rogano prices for a Blue Lagoon product.

Why did Southampton pay anything for Steven Davis, and can BDO use that transaction as evidence of an undervalued sale? Why did Sevco get the cash?

Is it of note that football agents are gathering round the running of Sevco Scotlands’s team?

Four business days for transfer of membership…the clock ticks ever louder…

Lots of questions – fewer answers! Continue reading


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Trigger’s Broom, Theseus’ Ship, Douglas Adams’ Golden Pavilion, Sevco & “Rangers” – What’s the Link? Guest Post by ADM

It is an article of faith for many people that the imminent liquidation of Rangers Football Club plc means Rangers Football Club ceases to exist and, while Sevco may have bought assets of the soon-to-be-liquidated plc, it cannot be a continuation of “Rangers”.  Equally, it is an article of faith for many that the demise of the plc has no necessary impact on the existence of “Rangers” and indeed that Sevco, or some other corporate entity, will become the next vehicle for the continuation of “Rangers”. The former group is better represented on Celtic-supporting blogs, and indeed many neutral ones such as this, with the group we might call the “Rangers” Survivalists (which i guess would make the first group the Extinctionists) mostly restricted to Rangers- (or “Rangers”-) supporting sites.

The point of this post is to explore the history of a cultural reference occasionally used by the Extinctionists, to suggest a potential different meaning for it, and to examine whether in fact it can be used to bridge the divide between well-meaning individuals on both sides of the debate.

The Extinctionists sometimes refer to Sevco as “Trigger’s Broom” as a humorous way of underlining that Sevco can never be Rangers.   The story of Trigger’s broom comes from the television series “Only Fools & Horses” where the character Trigger is a drinking buddy of the lead characters, and is the local roadsweeper. The incident of Trigger’s Broom occurs when he is given a medal by the council for using the same broom for 20 years.  He then explains that the broom has had 17 new heads and 14 new handles.  When asked how it can be the same broom, Trigger produces a picture of himself and his broom and asks, “What more proof do you need?”  Extinctionists use Trigger’s stupidity (the character is not portrayed as an intelligent or sophisticated individual) to highlight the absurdity of the Survivalist view. Continue reading


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