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Charles Green’s Latest Rangers Statement – 18 Paragraphs – Wrong in 17!

Charles Green’s battle with the SPL and SFA continues. He has released a statement today which manages (almost) to contain at least one error in every single one of its eighteen paragraphs.

Either he is stupid, which he is not, or he has decided to continue to appeal to his core support, trotting out the lines he has repeated a number of times already, and ignoring almost everything said by the Commission, except for one point he grossly misinterprets!

I suspect that the reaction of Rangers fans to this statement would be almost 100% positive.

I wonder if, next time Mr Green appears to answer questions, someone of the press corps will ask him to explain or justify anything in this statement?

Maybe someone will ask him about his statement about the SPL ignoring his lawyers, which was contradicted by the Commission?

Maybe someone will ask why the lawyer for oldco and newco had said he was turning up, and pulled out at the last day?

Probably not… Continue reading


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The Rangers FC v the SPL and Dundee Utd – The Plot Thickens

As well as the issues directly relating to Dundee United’s £30,000, analysed in detail below, the statements emanating from the Rangers FC regarding the matter contain some interesting comments, perhaps indicating that Mr Green is not entirely sure of his ground.

First of all, if Mr Green believed that the Rangers FC no longer owe any Scottish clubs a penny, as he stated, then he needs to be educated as to what “debt” actually is. It would be strange for a businessman to have attained the heights and successes he has if not aware of that!

In addition, one of the arguments for the continuity of Rangers is that, whilst the companies which from time to time own the club might change, then club itself goes on forever. Therefore the administration and liquidation of the former owner has no bearing on the continuity of the club. By that analysis therefore, it was not “Rangers” which went into administration, but simply the corporate owner.

Would it surprise fans of the Ibrox team to see Mr Green now admitting that it was the club, and not the company, which went into administration?

Finally turning to the SPL prize money issue, there are lots of interesting legalities regarding waivers, title and gratuitous alienation which I will look at in detail in a soon to arrive post re what BDO might and can do as liquidators. For now there is the possibility that (a) ambiguous legal drafting has caused this mess (b) that newco might have acted, with authority from Duff and Phelps, to the prejudice of oldco’s creditors or (c) some other possibility has resulted in this mess. (I suspect Douglas Adams’ Infinite Improbability Drive is generating the continuing events in this story!) Continue reading


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I recently posted on Charles Green and bigotry but having just watched him on STV lunchtime news repeating his ‘agenda’ comment I am left stunned at the dangerous game he is playing and have revised my post in view of the growing seriousness of his stance in relation to Scottish football and the wider public.

If the SFA don’t take the strongest of action then the Scottish Government must immediately step-in to deal with this lunacy before we actually do end up with civil disorder.

Green stood outside Ibrox as supporters queued for match tickets and played and worked them like a Barra-Boy. (Btw as an ex-stallholder I am in a position to judge.) Continue reading


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Green rides into battle with SFA backed by Goth Hun-slayers by Ecojon

I remember reading Rangers Media within hours of Charlie Bhoyo using the ‘Bigotry’ card at Brechin and had a good laugh when posters started defending him by arguing that ‘bigotry’ was an Old French word meaning disagreement and had nothing to do with religion. I think they full well knew what ‘bigotry’ means in Scotland and were on the case immediately attempting to mitigate the blunder.

I certainly never cease to be amazed at how football forums throw-up instant experts on the most arcane of subjects but I didn’t really give it another thought till today when I read Green’s defence to the SFA charge being aired.

I have now researched the etymology of ‘bigotry’ and, as with everything Charlie says, there is a grain of truth there.  But I think you’ll all be fascinated by the way in which Charlie has helped unearth ancient Hun history which might have been better remaining hidden. Continue reading


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Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report? – Crosspost from the Scottish Football Monitor

I am privileged to have had the chance to post a “guest” article on TSFM.

In this piece I look at what happened to the SFA commissioned “Nimmo Smith Report”.

The comments on the piece over at TSFM are well worth a look too.

Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?

On 21st February 2012 the SFA announced that it had appointed retired judge Lord Nimmo Smith to chair an independent inquiry into Rangers FC. His panel comprised Professor Niall Lothian, Past President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland; Bob Downes, former Director of BT and now Deputy Chairman of the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, and Stewart Regan, CEO of the SFA. Continue reading


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