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Rangers FC are Ineligible to Play in the Scottish Cup, But SFA Has Included Them Anyway

In which I meander round the Rules of the Scottish Cup and look at some questions.

Why is Rangers FC ineligible for the Cup? Despite that the SFA have them included – pre-judging issues or an oversight?

Does the competition start when the draw is made or when the first match is played? This matters.

What round would an SFL3 Rangers enter the Cup in? It is not clear.

Can the Appellate Tribunal eject Rangers from this year’s Cup before the Preliminary Round takes place, or must it wait till after 4th August to have that option available?

Some answers can be found below.


When the SFA disciplinary processes were ongoing earlier this year, and when Lord Glennie overturned the registration embargo, there was discussion about the possible alternative penalties which could be imposed.

On named in the appropriate section of the Judicial Panel Protocol was ejection from the Scottish Cup. Continue reading


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