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Henry Clarson and I Debate the Death of Pope John Paul I

I appreciate all (well, almost all) comments on the blog. One of its strengths is, I think, that we are able to have discussions about a variety of issues and generally, even where we come from different viewpoints, we can debate points with courtesy and respect for others’ views.

I think the discussion following my previous post about the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is a credit to civilised conversation, and I am very proud that such a debate takes place here. I find it amusing how many readers were at Bellahouston in 1982. Who knew we would meet again across the ether 31 years later!

One of my favourite commenters, both for his writing and for the pleasure of his company in person, is Henry Clarson.

He posted a comment regarding my observations about the death of Pope John Paul I.

His comment is below, and it is followed with some of my thoughts on the specific issue he raises. Continue reading


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