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One Stop Roofing v Tixway UK Ltd – Craig Whyte’s Company Wound Up – A Case for His “Public Examination”?

I have written at some length about this case. You can find all of my posts about Tixway UK Ltd here.

This company was formed in 2007 whilst Mr Whyte was a disqualified Director. His now estranged wife, Kim Whyte, was therefore the sole director until she resigned to be replaced by her husband in 2008.

Craig Whyte in happier times, as winner of Bow Tie Wearer of the Year

One Stop Roofing Supplies Ltd had the misfortune to become involved with Mr Whyte through a company run by a Mr Keatings, a friend of Mr Whyte. Mr Keatings’ company needed to buy roof materials but could not get an appropriate line of credit. Mr Whyte stepped up to the plate and agreed that his company, Tixway UK Ltd, would pay for the materials used by Snowcast, Mr Keatings’ company. The business was owed over £85,000, which was a serious sum to be due. Continue reading


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