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Mr Green Gets Angry – 16-10-16 Good – 12-12-18 Bad! “Gers Should Quit Scotland”!

A flurry of activity on the official Rangers website with Charles Green’s reaction to proposed League restructuring in Scotland. I will look at one aspect of it for now. As you will see it indicates how quickly things can move in the business world, and how unforeseen developments can possibly de-rail vital financial planning.

Mr Green is quoted here, under the balanced headline of “Gers Should Quit Scotland” as saying:-

“I haven’t read anything other than what is in the press and if that is what we have sat here eagerly awaiting to transform Scottish football, my advice to the board of Rangers is the quicker we can leave Scottish football the better.

“I can’t see anything that is going to transform the finances, the status or the excitement.”

“On first glance, of course, there is nowhere for us to go because FIFA have made their feelings known on cross-border leagues.

“However, we have noted the comments of Standard Liege recently and what Peter Lawwell said at his AGM a few weeks ago when he discussed the changes in Europe.

“Hand on heart today there isn’t an option but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start looking for an option.

“If all we have to look forward to over the next four years is more madness then we would be failing as directors not to explore the alternatives.” Continue reading


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