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Rangers Rebels Now Taking the Company to Court!

My prediction record is not a great one. As I said earlier this week when discussing the refusal by the Rangers Board to accept the motion seeking appointment of new directors from the “Rebel” side, the rebels could go to court but I thought that highly unlikely…

This morning we have a further announcement to the Stock Exchange by Rangers. Continue reading



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Rangers Board v Rangers Rebels – No Sign of Peace Yet

Perhaps the Rangers Board thought that a flurry of good news in the form of the accounts together with lots of positive words would distract from detailed analysis of the figures (which I have not done for myself yet and therefore am NOT suggesting that the sums do not add up).

Perhaps they thought that refusing the Rebel demands for consideration of 4 new directors would calm things down.

Perhaps Craig Mather thought that calling the Rebels’ application vexatious and frivolous would see them off. Continue reading


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Rangers Board Takes the Fight to the “Rebels” – “Vexatious, Ineffective and Frivolous”!

A busy day on the Stock Exchange announcement board for Rangers.

The annual results have been posted – there has been another change of NOMAD – Charles Green has sold sufficient of his shares no longer to have an interest – and the rebels want some new directors appointed.

I will look at the last point here just now.

The relevant announcement reads:- Continue reading


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Rangers Confirm Who (Probably) Sold 2 Million Shares & EGM News

This morning saw two announcements from the Board of RIFC PLC to the Stock Exchange.

The first reads:-

Rangers announces that it was notified on 19 August 2013 that Imran Ahmad no longer has a notifiable interest in the Company’s issued share capital.

So Mr Ahmad has sold his shareholding (or at least a significant part of it). These shares were purchased by Laxey Partners – who are building a significant stake in the PLC. Continue reading


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