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Why Won’t the Media Mention “Charlotte Fakes” and Her Rangers Documents?

Back in May I wrote about “Charlotte Fakes”. 

Charlotte seemed to have gained access to a huge amount of information relating to Rangers and to the takeover shenanigans of the last couple of years, including tape recordings of various discussions between the parties.

Despite a great deal of discussion online, the mainstream media has devoted little or no attention to the documents themselves, or to the “revelations” contained in them.

As I wrote in May:-

the source of the documents themselves, if genuine, is important. Are they being leaked by a party or someone close to the issue? Were they found by legitimate investigation or discovered abandoned in a bin? Has someone hacked a computer, or broken in to a filing cabinet?

I have no idea and therefore, until the provenance is established, I won’t devote the time to detailed analysis, simply to avoid wasting my efforts should the documents turn out to be as genuine as the Zinoviev Letter or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

I have read suggestions since then that there is a “conspiracy of silence” about what Charlotte has been releasing, and that, in some way, people have been “nobbled” to stop them commenting. Continue reading


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