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Charles Green’s Own Goal – Says Rangers Fans Threatened Him Earlier In Year! D’oh!

Death threats by Rangers fans! How dare a newspaper make such vile accusations? Who is responsible for the latest calumny upon the hundreds of thousands of decent supporters of the Ibrox team? We have seen Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News castigated and ridiculed for daring to suggest that threats have come from elements of the Rangers support to journalists, newspapers, football officials and publishers.

Now the Scottish Sun has joined the chorus of anti-Rangers spin by repeating someone else’s no doubt invented accusations against the fans of Rangers.

The Sun reported today as follows:- (My comments are in bold).

IBROX chief Charles Green was warned by cops to be on his guard against deadly mail bombs amid fears he could be targeted by crazed Rangers fans. Worried Green was forced to move between a string of safe-houses after police received credible intelligence that his life was in danger following his takeover of the club.  He was ordered to check his car for explosives and Ibrox staff were given special instructions for handling his post.

Oh. Mr Green says that he was threatened. That cannot be right. This must be a re-hash of old stories, taking comments out of context to create a false impression. Surely this is the Sun simply seeking to ambush the share issue as part of its alleged hatred for Rangers? Continue reading


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