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Pope Francis – Named for the Saint who “Is the Man of Poverty and of Peace, who Loves and Protects Creation”

As readers of my blog will know, it is rare that I post anything written by a public figure without a line by line, and even word by word, analysis.

I will make an exception today however.

You will find below the text of the Holy Father’s talk with the media yesterday in Rome. It is well worth a thorough read, and especially the section where Pope Francis explained why he took that name. It seems that this will be his mission statement as Pontiff.

Already a very different tone has been struck by him, as detailed in the linked piece by David Willey, the BBC’s Rome correspondent.

The almost universal welcome for this new approach should not be taken by people as the Church (which is of course its people) rejecting the principles of Pope Benedict. Francis’ predecessor spoke of stepping down because he no longer had the health and vigour to carry out his task. Pope Francis has arrived on the scene full of energy, physical and spiritual, and, in only his first few days, has shown how wise Benedict’s decision was. Continue reading


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Are We in the Age of the “Pontifex Maximus” (Greatest Pope)? – Guest Post by newtz

Pope Francis’s historic election represents a paradox for the Roman Catholic Church.

On the one hand, Jesuits are bound by oath not to seek higher office in the Roman Catholic Church, and now one of them has been elected to its highest office: Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ, ……

Again, on the one hand Jesuits aren’t supposed to be in positions of authority, and yet on the other hand, they’re supposed to be obedient to the church …….. !. Jesuits often work on the margins of the church, at times overstepping boundaries set by Rome, frequently challenging Vatican authority …. and yet the conclave of ultra conservative Cardinals elect a Jesuit …………. ! Continue reading


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“For The Greater Glory of God” – Well Worth Reading

My good friend Martin is a writer whose blog I have recommended before.

Yesterday he discussed the election of Pope Francis.

His piece starts:- Continue reading


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Habemus Papam! Cardinal Bergoglio Chosen to be Benedict’s Successor and Becomes Pope Francis

Well. That was quick!

On only the second day of the Conclave of Cardinals, and after the BBC had reported this morning (after three ballots!) that the Cardinals were “deadlocked”, by last night we had a new Pope.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, became Pope and created numerous “firsts”.

He is the first Pope from Latin America. Continue reading


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