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Can Rangers Legitimately Register New Players on 1st September? Yes They Can

There was an interesting blog post by Daniel O’Connell brought to my attention at the weekend.

His contention was that Rangers would be breaching the terms of the SFA player registration rules by registering its new signings on 1st September, which is the day after the “registration embargo” accepted by Sevco Scotland Ltd (as it then was) as a condition of SFA membership. He stated “The intention was that the new club would be unable to register players until January 2014 (albeit after giving them the summer 2012 window to build up their squad for the assault on Division 3).”

He suggests that “The basis for this belief is that clubs can register “free agents” from September 1st, and that as Bell and Daly’s contracts with their previous clubs expire on June 30th, they will be free agents.”

He then refers to the SFA’s registration procedures here and especially Article 1.2 which reads:-

“A professional player who has failed to find employment during a registration period may sign and be registered for a club outwith the registration periods.”

He suggests that the fact that the “free agents” signed by Rangers “have found employment” means they cannot be registered outwith the transfer window, and thus cannot legitimately play for Rangers until January 2014. Is this then another alleged instance of the Scottish football authorities bending over backwards to Rangers, as some accuse them of doing? Continue reading


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Mr McCoist Talks Of Rangers Signings But Does He Recall SFL Limit on Squad Sizes?

This will be a short post, but it is on an issue which is indicative, I think, of the view Rangers have about their present position, namely that they do not wish to acknowledge that it exists.

Mr McCoist is quoted on the official website today talking about plans for next season.

I recall that at least one player, Mr Bell from Kilmarnock, has been signed on a “pre-contract”. Continue reading


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Rangers Oldco Not Guilty of Fielding Ineligible Players – Why?

I wrote earlier about the “deliberate non-disclosure” as opposed to “clerical error” aspect of the Nimmo Smith decision.

Now to the next part – how, despite the rules being broken, did Rangers receive a “not guilty” verdict on fielding ineligible players?

I repeat below my summary, and then on to the issue in question.


Click on the link below for the full decision.

Commission Decision 28 02 2013

The Commission has found Rangers Football Club PLC, (now RFC 2012 PLC) which is in liquidation and which the Commission referred to as “oldco” as will I, guilty on all four counts, namely three of breaching the rules regarding non-disclosure of information regarding payments to players, and the fourth of failing to co-operate with the SPL by providing information when requested to do so. Oldco was not, for reasons I will come to, guilty of playing ineligible players.

The Commission imposed a fine of £250,000 on oldco.

No finding was made against the football club, which was also a party to the case.

No finding was made against newco, as newco was not a party to the case, but which did appear as the owner of the football club, and, as per the Preliminary Ruling of the Commission, had an interest in any penalty imposed on the football club.


How, one might ask, can the rules about disclosure of documents tied in with player registrations be broken, and yet the players remain eligible? Continue reading


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Some Thoughts On Conflicts, EBT’s and SPL v Rangers in Reply to Comments

The blog was busy yesterday with comments, for which many thanks to all.

However, I wanted to deal specifically with a few contributors, who made the mistake of asking me for a response either directly or by implication. 🙂

This blog post therefore provides some further thoughts on a few matters – EBT’s, the tax case, conflicts of interest, whataboutery, Minority Report by Philip K Dick, the cultural significance of Rangers and whether there is a point to investigating past offences.

Finally by way of housekeeping, I remark on a recent burst of comments which I have not approved for publication on the site. Continue reading


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It’s Not Certain Sevco Rangers Will Be Admitted to the SFL

In which I suggest that SFL admission is not certain; that the upheaval to all three divisions might be too much in terms of the time involved; and that Sevco Rangers might have left it too late to apply to the SFL. And that, even if they do get in, SFL Rules may require them to get rid of many players.


Following the news that Hearts and Dundee United will vote against Sevco Rangers playing in the SPL in the coming season, and Motherwell’s decision to ballot its members, the prospects of Premier League football at Ibrox next season are receding.

Rangers started last season competing for this prize.

If it can be assumed that the Motherwell fans will not back Sevco Rangers parachuting into the SPL, and that Celtic too would oppose a rescue for the ghost of its long-time rivals, then only one more team needs to vote against the proposition, and despite its PR campaign, Sevco Rangers will not be in the SPL.

The assumption is that they will drop into the SFL, either into SFL Division 1, or to the bottom in Division 3. Continue reading


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