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A Bookstore Bowing to the “Illiterati”? – Guest Post by “A Book Buyer”

The following post was sent to me last weekend. However after due consideration I felt that it was  better to await some official comment about the book, rather than simply provide an “anecdotal” account.

The website of Frontline Noir, the book’s publisher, now has an article on it titled “Clairvoyant Reviewers and other mysteries”. It is well worth a read.

It is appropriate now to post the piece sent to me by “A Book Buyer” last weekend.

To be fair, whether threats have been made regarding sale of the book and if these are simply in jest or something more serious is a matter which would be dealt with, should complaints be made, by the appropriate authorities at the due time. However, it is clear that, in certain bookstores, there was a perception that selling Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s book might cause bother. As the “Book Buyer” says, there was perceived to be, in some quarters, “potential” for disorder.

Instead, as the Frontline Noir piece makes clear, all that has happened is that the book has shot up the best seller lists and is on a fast track re-printing schedule.

And so to “A Book Buyer” and his piece written last Saturday.


Bookstore bows to the “Illiterati”


I have no interest in Scottish football largely because I find there is precious little football worth the watching. Continue reading


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The Sun Serialisations – No to “Downfall” – Yes to Book by “Feared Gangland Hood”

As readers will know, the Scottish Sun elected not to serialise “Downfall” by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, having initially announced its intent to do so.

The Scottish Editor explained the decision in an editorial no longer available on the Sun website. Extracts from it read as follows:-

“THE Scottish Sun has never been afraid of controversy. Throughout the years, we have never shied away from tackling difficult subjects. We have never taken the soft option, the easy route, the quiet life.

We knew he (Phil Mac Giolla Bhain) was a controversial figure, but it was clear from the book he had written that he had a story to tell. And we felt it was a story that needed to be told to you, so that you could make your own minds up. So that you had a chance to read the behind-the-scenes details about the downfall of Rangers. So that you had a chance to see where the blame lay for the collapse of the club. Continue reading


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Hot Tip for “The Sun” on Biggest Financial Scandal in UK Sport – Guest Post by Kenny McCaffrey

This was sent to me as a comment yesterday, and I have been too busy to pop it up on the site until now. You will see that Kenny yesterday morning managed to predict the rise up the charts for Phil’s book!

I have slightly edited Kenny’s post re developments since he sent it. I am sure he will let us know if ever a response is received!


Hi Paul, I trust you have read the nonsense ‘Sun Says’ in the Scottish Sun this morning (03/09/12) announcing that it won’t, after all, be serialising Phil MacG’s new book – but with no real reason apart from the ludicrous (and nonsensical) statement about him being “tarred with the same sickening brush” (eh? doesn’t’ that mean THEY are actually doing it?). Continue reading


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Quick Thoughts on Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and Barbra Streisand

I’m sure that heading caught your attention!

I suspect Phil Mac Giolla Bhain never expected to share a blogpost title with Ms Streisand! However, I do not have a juicy trans-Atlantic scandal to reveal.

Instead, as at 1.25pm on 4th September, Phil’s book was placed at number 13 on the UK Amazon bestseller chart. Maybe it would have got there as a result of the proposed serialisation in the Sun, and maybe not.

However, in an episode which surely will join the annals of the Streisand Effect, Phil is racing up the charts! Continue reading


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“Playing the Man and Not the Ball” – The Sun, Rangers and Downfall by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain

In which I consider the nature of ad hominem “arguments”, rather than reasoned debate, and the allegedly shifting views of a major Scottish organisation on free speech. Why did the Sun decide not to serialise the upcoming book by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain? What if anything will the Sun do about receiving “the kind of disgusting abuse that sadly infects some of Scottish football’s blogs and forums”? Finally, are the Offensive Behaviour and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act and the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act still in force, or have they been secretly repealed?


An ad hominem is an attempt to negate the truth of a claim by pointing out a negative characteristic or unrelated belief of the person supporting it. There are various varieties of ad hominem argument, including the circumstantial, the tu quoque and the argument of guilt by association. Continue reading


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