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A Very Happy Christmas! Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All!

I started this blog for reasons which are now a little unclear – I think I was inflicting too much minute legal analysis on my poor wife, who was not quite as interested as I was in the minutiae of the determinations of the Scottish Courts.

I need to thank, as I have mentioned before, James Doleman whose Sheridan Trial Blog made me realise what writing for a wider group could do (though I am still a long, long way from getting anywhere near what James managed to achieve).

The case, and the subsequent News of the World shenanigans gave me the chance to look in depth in to some of the issues arising from a legal, rather than a news perspective, and I learned more each day about topics I thought I knew, or in some cases, vaguely remembered from long ago lectures.

Then along came the Rangers takeover. Mr Whyte has been a boon for those like me (and it may be a small field) who want to write about the legal aspects of football.

I don’t break news, unlike Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and the Rangers Tax Case Blog. I don’t have a huge group of active commenters, as Paul67 has at Celtic Quick News.

I till my little patch of soil here on the Internet, and have been amazed and astonished by the number of folk who have read what I have written, who have taken the time and trouble to comment – often with far better analysis and humour than I have managed, and with whom I have been in touch, face to face, over the phone and electronically, as a result of the blog.

I have already met many people as a result of the blog with whom I probably would not have made contact otherwise, and I am gratified that everyone has been kind about my witterings, and very well worth encountering.

I don’t intend this to turn into a Gwyneth Paltrow like thank you session, but I need to mention particularly the Black Knight, Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan, the Battered Bunnet, Henry Clarson, Garry MacInnes and Steven Doyle for their contributions and involvement, together with everyone else in touch thru the site and Twitter.

To all of the above, both specific and general;

To Craig Calcaterra and Joe Posnanski, for being the best sports blogger and writer respectively;

To all the excellent commenters on RTC, on whose coat tails I have ridden;

To Phil who has been right about Mr Whyte more than all the main stream media put together;

To Andy at Scotzine for allowing me to inflict my ramblings on a wider audience;

To the legal bloggers and Tweeters with whom I have become friendly electronically, and who have kept me amused, entertained and enlightened throughout the year – such as Charon QC, David Allen Green, the Peat Worrier and Love and Garbage – the last being top man for all scone pronunciation related news;

To John McGovern and Steven Raeburn for their keen sense of anything going awry in the law in Scotland;

To people I have met through the blog whose identities have to be kept secret (don’t worry Mr Whyte, your secret meetings with me will never be known);

To everyone who has asked “are you the Paul McConville with the blog?”;

To all my friends for being friends;

To the remarkable boldned for being a top pal; and

Finally to my wife and family.

I wish you all the very best this Christmas and into the New Year too.

I will sign off with two videos so that any readers will find one they like.




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