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Rangers Tax Appeal May Be Heard On 19th July 2013 – Correction – No It Won’t!

Earlier in the week I confidently predicted that the appeal to the Upper Tribunal would probably, based upon the time lag for fixing other Upper Tribunal Tax appeals, not be heard until the summer of 2014, or even later.

Clearly the UTT was awaiting my prediction so that it could prove me wrong.

The date has now been published and the HMRC appeal involving liquidated Rangers and the four Murray Group companies is now scheduled (probably) to take place in Edinburgh on 19th July 2013. So my guess was only 12 months or more out!

The tribunal listings can be seen here.

The hearing is scheduled for the Edinburgh Tribunal Centre, George House, 126 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4HH. Continue reading



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Predictions for 2013 – All Wrong or Your Money Back! – Part 1 – Blogging, Legal and Rangers

It appears to be de rigueur for anyone who writes regularly to do either a review of the year just ended, or predictions for the coming 12 months, if not both!

Whilst I might do a review, I thought I would make some predictions first.

I put on my Nostradamus gear to write my predictions

I put on my Nostradamus gear to write my predictions

Feel free to add your own suggestions or analyses.

Some of my predictions, or guesses, will lead to later posts explaining my reasoning (if I get round to it) but for now I have tried to keep this short and snappy.

Please feel free, on 1st January 2014, if we are spared till then, to let me know how close to 100% inaccuracy I have managed!

Blogging Predictions

I will keep blogging.

I will continue to annoy supporters of a brand-new football club (Only joking!) playing in Glasgow who will misunderstand what I write. Continue reading


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