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Niall’s Thoughts On Why Duff & Phelps Did Not Try To Sell Rangers Players

To All concerned regarding D&P’s decision not to sell players while in administration.

I stated D&P could not sell outwith the transfer window, and this may strictly not be true, and incredible as it may seem I may be wrong.

They may have sought special permission from the SPL. I am only saying ” may ” because I cannot confirm if the SPL has the same rules as the EPL, the same conditions applied or they had asked and it was refused. However if I have made an error then you will all forgive me.

Professional bodies tend to make decisions in the full public glare for a reason, so why did they not ask for special permission, and here are some of the reasons. Continue reading


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An English translation of Ally’s latest Churchillian speech: by Niall

Mr McCoist relesed a statement on Saturday. Due to tardiness on my part, I have not been able to put up Niall’s translation of the piece till now. Mr McCoist’s text is in bold, and the translation below in normal typeface.

A call to arms…

The manager said today: “I am extremely disappointed that the SFA chose to release a statement last night when the Club has not actually signed any agreement.

We need more time to galvanise the fans into buying tickets by pretending we are now the victims. Continue reading


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