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Charles Green of Rangers Gets Naming Rights Example Wrong or Else Mike Ashley Has a Time Machine

I would like to offer my thanks to commenter COYBIG for picking up on another inaccuracy, though again surely inadvertent, in Mr Green’s latest ramblings.

For some unaccountable reason the mainstream media seem reluctant to point out inconsistencies or errors emanating from Ibrox. Maybe they are working on the basis that James Traynor and Charles Green are an irresistible force, or at least immovable objects.

Last Thursday Mr Green was on about naming rights to Ibrox stadium.

As an aside I note that Mr Green is quoted in the piece saying the following:-

What I said last night is that I personally am going to fight to get the Ibrox name in the new title.

Now Mr Green is, unless I am very much mistaken, the CEO of Rangers International FC PLC and also the CEO of Rangers Football Club Ltd. One or both of those companies will be selling these rights. As the CEO of the seller, one assumes Mr Green is in position to tell any prospective buyer “Ibrox stays in the name”. Continue reading


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Rangers Stadium Naming & Sports Direct by Ecojon

I might be totally off track but the news about the proposed renaming of Ibrox rang a few memory cells in my old noddle.

I have no intention of looking at the pros and cons of renaming or rebranding an established stadium as I truly believe it is a matter for fans to decide on unless club finances are critical and there is no option.

It would appear from press reports that Charles Green is meeting Bear reps at Ibrox tonight presumably to ‘sell’ the idea. Press reports also suggest it’s virtually a done deal with Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley. Continue reading


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