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Ecojon on the Green/McMurdo Discrepancy and Mr Naqvi’s “Investment” in Rangers

The following is a comment by Ecojon on the previous post, but I thought it worth putting it up as a post in its own right.

Take it away!


Some “Rangers Haters” at the time suggested that the very wealthy gentleman in question had indeed invested at least £2 million but that when the original investors were told that they were to be paid in an equity for cash swap that he demanded and received his cash back as per the original agreement.

Now I have no way of knowing whether this is true or not or indeed of checking it.

However the McMurdo outpouring of grief is either sloppy journalism on a par with the Record, Sun, STV or Glasgow Herald or he has been fed mince in the guise of succulent lamb from a man in Ibrox. Continue reading


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