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Myths and Legends – the SPFL and the £250k Fine of “Rangers”

A couple of days ago the BBC reported, as did various other sources, that the SPFL was considering pursuing “Rangers” for the fine of £250,000 which was levied upon oldco Rangers by the Lord Nimmo Smith Independent Commission.

As the report read in part:-

The Scottish Professional Football League board is considering pursuing Rangers for £250,000.

The amount relates to a fine levied by an independent Scottish Premier League commission on Rangers Football Club PLC’s (RFC PLC) use of a tax scheme.

SPFL lawyers examined recovering the money under an agreement that led to the transfer of Rangers’ membership of the Scottish FA going ahead.

Any claim to the company’s liquidators would likely yield a smaller amount.

Liquidators BDO are in the process of examining claims of creditors of RFC PLC. Continue reading



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Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Myth! Myth! Myth! – The Independent Points Out Much We “Know” About Her is Wrong

The Independent today has excellent coverage of the late Baroness Thatcher and her legacy. I would thoroughly recommend it to readers.

One particular piece is the one I have posted extracts from below, addressing ten things we all know about her and her policies, which turn out to be wrong. The full piece is well worth a read and it can be found here.

Remember when reading this that the ten bold headings are the myths.

And, especially when we come to the last one, can I ask that any discussion does NOT descend into a tit for tat abuse session? I have added some comment about that one at the end of this piece.


1 She commanded the support of the silent majority

Margaret Thatcher won three elections, two of them by large margins, but she was never as popular as her ardent admirers imply.

She set a record for unpopularity as PM that has not been matched by John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown or David Cameron: 16 per cent satisfied and 79 per cent dissatisfied in March 1990 (Ipsos Mori). Continue reading


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Did Lord Nimmo Smith Say Rangers Made “An Honest Mistake” – No! + What about Rangers’ Non-Existent Advice?

I have a wee post re the possibility of an appeal against the Nimmo Smith decision ready for tomorrow morning, but I thought I would pop in to add a short (yes – it will be short) post in response to some comments today.

Adam has been fighting the corner for his team, looking to correct those who, in his view, are misrepresenting the decision of Lord Nimmo Smith.

Sadly I think he may be falling into the same error he is identifying in others.

The following are quotes from Adam tonight:- Continue reading


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