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How Rangers Landing in SFL3 “Costs” Glasgow over 400k per annum

You’ll notice I have not ended the headline above with an exclamation. That’s because it is entirely legitimate and indeed prudent what the company has done. We are talking about non-domestic rates.

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First thing is first. Glasgow City Council believes that Ibrox is owned by Rangers Football Club Ltd (the former Sevco Scotland Ltd).

Why do they say that?

Because Rangers Football Club Ltd DOES own those assets! Continue reading


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The maelstrom surrounding SevGers has reached fever pitch with heightened anticipation it could be financially destroyed in days – so perhaps this is the time to look to the future.

In doing so, in a curious twist of fate lies ahead whereby the very existence of SevGers could once again lie in the hands of the SFA, and I don’t think either realise it and I doubt if the Bears could survive another episode of the nation’s favourite soap which has dispelled this year’s summertime blues.

Despite previous mouth music Green will accept the transfer embargo, promise to clear football debts and somewhere down the line, titles will be stripped.  In return a slight SFA fudge over ‘fitness’ of mystery investors – apparently shunted to D&P who can’t wait to get outta town. Continue reading


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Smoke, Mirrors and Sevco Rangers Assets – Guest Post by Ecojon

If I stopped any guy in the street wearing a Rangers scarf and asked why anyone should invest in Rangers I’m sure he wouldn’t give a fig about any of its recent legal identities and reply: “To preserve the club and its history”.

It really is that simple to the true supporter of any club, and yes, there might be a dream that if the fans actually owned the club that would better achieve and maintain the main objective. But fans ain’t stupid, they know the millions that have got to be found from the pockets of rich, club-minded owners to keep it running.

So let’s return to the Govan Miracle in early May when an unlikely Rangers Moses in the shape of Charlie Green rolled into town with a promise that the fans could own Ibrox under his stewardship and a £30 million Alternative Investment Market floatation which would earn Green £3 million.

Let’s not trawl over the detail of how we have got to where we are which is that the money-lenders aren’t just in the Temple – they own the Temple. Continue reading


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Duff & Phelps July Report re Rangers Football Club PLC – Review Part 1 – Incredible Shrinking Fixed Assets!

Duff & Phelps have produced their latest report regarding their handling of the administration of Rangers Football Club PLC (RFC PLC).

It can be found here Rangers FC PLC Interim Report by Duff & Phelps 10 July.

I will go through it in detail, but there is an initial point which seems, to me, to be odd.

Perhaps someone in the media can ask D&P, or Media House, whose bill for providing PR services to RFC PLC since February 14 is £124,000, to clarify the matter of the ever shrinking value of RFC PLC’s interests in land? Continue reading


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The Latest from Charles Green! Buy a Season Ticket and Get to Vote for the New Name for Murray Park!

Now the weekend has passed, Rangers-related activity can re-commence full steam ahead! Mr Green met today with the fans’ representatives. There has been no word as to whether or not he has now taken up day-to-day management responsibilities, as suggested in the (possibly erroneous) CVA proposal. See my earlier post about that.

What did he have to say today? As before, my comments are in bold beneath Mr Green’s statement.


CHARLES GREEN, who is leading a consortium purchasing Rangers Football Club, issued the following statement tonight.

He said: “I had a very constructive meeting with the Rangers Fans’ Fighting Fund today and we discussed a wide range of issues. We are united in recognising that a successful outcome to the CVA proposal is extremely important for the club, our fans and many businesses who have dealings with Rangers. Approval of the CVA would give everyone a huge boost of confidence. Continue reading


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