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Why Rangers International’s Higher Market Cap Does Not Mean It Is Worth More Than Celtic by Mícheál


The following comment was posted on a thread yesterday by Mícheál. As he managed to say what I was going to say about market capitalisation and values in a far more elegant and far shorter way, I thought I would post it as a post, for anyone who might have missed it. I think he was writing in response to Clarkeng who wanted to make clear, over a large number of comments (and I am happy for him to participate so enthusiastically) that RIFC PLC was “worth” more than Celtic as a result of the share prices.

He also says kind words about me, but has a warning, of which I am very conscious, of how the blog could lose its value. (And by value I mean an entirely non-financial value – I am not looking to sell the blog off – unless of course some tycoon wants to buy it!)

Take it away Mícheál.


I don’t know why some people are bringing Celtic into the discussion again. Continue reading


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