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What is the SPL For? Shock News – A Business Which Wants to Make Money!

On Saturday Kilmarnock’s Chairman Michael Johnston spoke about the choice facing the SPL and its members in relation to the future of “Rangers”. It is fair to say that he caused some controversy with what he said. Speaking to the BBC, he stated:-

“Members see the commercial benefits of having Rangers, even as a newco. The clubs are mindful of a sporting integrity aspect but the commercial benefits may outweigh that.”

“We need more talks before we can move on. There are still lots of discussions to be had with the SPL and with Bill Miller over his plans for Rangers. We need more clarity on his plan and how it will be structured.”

Whist some have criticised him for his statement; others have respected his honesty about the possible economic consequences for his team and others of a Rangers relegation or liquidation. It made me think about what the role of the SPL is actually meant to be. I therefore found my way to the SPL Mission Statement and Aims and Objectives. Continue reading


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