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“Operation Yewtree” Coverage Shows Why It Helps If the Media Like You

First of all, apart from Sir Jimmy Savile, I am not going to mention any names in this post. I would ask too that people commenting on this thread refrain from naming anyone either.

The Metropolitan Police inquiries into the activities of the former TV star have three main strands.

  • One is looking specifically at the actions of Savile.
  • The second strand concerns allegations against “Savile and others”.
  • The third – named “others” – relates to alleged complaints against other people unconnected to the Jimmy Savile investigations.

As the BBC reported yesterday, ten people have been arrested and one suspect was interviewed under caution.

On each occasion so far that someone has been arrested the media have covered the story, naming the suspect, and, of course, not seeking to suggest any guilt. After all, the presumption of innocence applies. Continue reading


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