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“Charlotte Fakes” – Red Herrings for Rangers or Smoking Guns for Green and Whyte?

Over recent days various documents have appeared online under the name “Charlotte Fakes” seeming to refer to the dealings involving Craig Whyte, Charles Green and Rangers.

I have not commented on them in detail so far for various reasons.

First of all, I have been very busy and it would take time, from what I have seen of them, for proper analysis of the documents.

Secondly, until things are made clear, the veracity of the documents is uncertain. That is not to say that they are fakes, or doctored, or as in the case of invoices involving Rangers and Ticketus, created using clip-art!

At first look they seem to have the appearance of being genuine, but until confirmed either way that can only be guesswork. If however the documents have been created to mislead, then that is a lot of effort, for uncertain effect. Continue reading


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How Unfortunate – Merchant House Group now advised by Firm Formed by Rangers FC Director

Google news alerts are excellent. Today up popped news of a company which I have mentioned before, Merchant House Group.

As a quick recap, Merchant House Group (MHG) was described in one Investor Briefing in January 2012 as being “well advanced in the process of transformation from an unprofitable small corporate finance house specialising in the currently moribund niche of fund-raising on AIM and PLUS markets into a profitable financial services group focussed on investment products for the UK retail market.” Continue reading


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