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Trouble at t’Mill? Guest Post by mcfc on Rangers and its Finances

Last week, (7:30pm 4th July) when musing on cash flow problems and in solvency I said:

”… cash flow just melts away and you’re insolvent, bankrupt, gone – all in a few short weeks. The lesson is that even the slightest whiff of cash flow problems is enough to start the vicious circle. If you’ve never managed critical cash flow without a safety net – be warned. Suppliers beware.”

I’d like to clarify for Wanka – in the labelling game – I’m not Charles Green – but he does seem to be taking serious note of some alarming trends – and in the Scottish Sun on 5th July has just farted a big eggy whiff of cash problems. Just to recap: Continue reading


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Mcfc has a Question for Charles Green – “If You’re So Clever, Why Aren’t You Rich?”

If you’re so clever, why aren’t you rich? This is, I think, the ultimate put down for every armchair expert and would-be-Zuckerberg nerd the world over. I’ve only heard it used once or twice in real life because it is the ultimate weapon – which can easily rebound or elicit a mutually assured destructive response. I’ve never seriously considered using it – except in obvious jest with old friends – because like starting a chat up line with reference to the size of your old man – you are hopelessly and helplessly vulnerable to any third-rate, clichéd response.

But still, it’s a question I would almost certainly blurt out if I ever found myself face to face with Mr Charles Green.  Like North Korea facing off the USA with my latest intercontinental firework – I wouldn’t be able to resist it – just for the hell of it – just to see the reaction. Continue reading


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