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Mark Daly Lands More Blows on Duff & Phelps – Alleged Mr Grier Tried to get Mr Whyte to Lie


Mark Daly’s latest on Duff & Phelps will have the New York office of that esteemed company hopping mad.

After the New York MD, Marty Dauer, responded to yesterday’s episode by saying that they did not comment on things out of context, today’s Reporting Scotland stated that Mr Whyte recorded a two-hour conversation between himself and Mr Grier of D&P. The implication is that this whole conversation is in the hands of the BBC.

That is a lot of “context” for D&P to consider!

Tonight’s allegation is that Mr Grier wanted Mr Whyte to make a statement confirming that D&P and its predecessor MCR had not been involved in the Ticketus deal, thus removing issues of conflict of interest. Mr Whyte seemed to be going along with this, suggesting that a story could be issued via Media House, the renowned PR company. Continue reading


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Duff & Phelps Gets Serious – Now New York HQ Tries To Clean the Mess

Duff & Phelps await the next salvo from the BBC. After last night’s exposure of David Grier apparently agreeing that he and Duff & Phelps knew about the Ticketus deal prior to the Craig Whyte takeover, I imagine there are nervous people in London and Manchester awaiting what is coming next.

And a bad sign perhaps for D&P in the UK comes from the identity of the “spokesman” quoted late last night by the BBC responding to the revelations last night.

As the BBC reported:-

Duff and Phelps spokesman Marty Dauer said: “As we have previously stated, Duff and Phelps maintains that our conduct of the Rangers administration was carried out to the highest professional standards.

“We do not respond to information that is taken out of context, as we believe is the case in the BBC story.

“We welcome the opportunity to review a complete copy of the information that the BBC references in its story.”

Who is Marty Dauer?

He is a long way from being a mere “spokesman”.

He is in fact “a managing director and the chief marketing and communications officer in the firm’s New York office”. Continue reading


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