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Some Links Well Worth Reading – 1st September – And Goodbye to Heaney and Frost

I know people can easily find good stuff themselves to read, but sometimes I come across something which I would heartily recommend, and ever more rarely, I manage to remember to do so!

So below are a few links to pieces which I think are well worth reading, for various reasons.

I hope you find them as interesting and thought-provoking as I did.

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“For The Greater Glory of God” – Well Worth Reading

My good friend Martin is a writer whose blog I have recommended before.

Yesterday he discussed the election of Pope Francis.

His piece starts:- Continue reading


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A Selection of Highly Recommended Scottish Blogs For Your Delectation

Long, long ago I placed a “blog roll” on the side of this page listing blogs I liked and which I thought would be worth visiting.

I thought I would do something similar, but in the form of a blog post.

Partly this is because it is well worth doing, and all of the blogs in question deserve as wide attention as possible…

Partly it is because, after Thursday’s four blog posts, and two which are partially drafted, I am looking for a bit of relief from Nimmo Smith fatigue (but do not worry, I will have more to say about the decision and its implications and reception).

All the blogs below have a connection, either close or tenuous, with the law. However I think each one comes from better writers than me, and undoubtedly each one benefits from the author not being afraid to edit their thoughts down!

Quite sensibly none of them are as prolific and verbose as I am, so rather than make them daily visits, if you popped on every week or so, then I am sure that you will enjoy what has been added to each site that week. Continue reading


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