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Panto Season – RFC Registration Sorted? “Oh Yes It Is” – SFA. “Oh No It’s Isn’t” – Sevco + SPL!

Rangers FC still has no licence to play football. Their season is due to start in six days. There have been long discussions this week with the SFA about the terms for transferring the membership in the SFA from Rangers Football Club PLC to Sevco Scotland Ltd.

All looked well on Friday when the SFA produced the statement copied below. However this was immediately contradicted by Mr Murray of Rangers.

Some thoughts arise which are addressed at greater length below.

Had an agreement been reached between Sevco Scotland Ltd and the SFA?

Does Mr Murray face disciplinary action for stating that Rangers FC is being forced “under duress” to accede to the SFA’s demands?

Did Sevco Scotland Ltd and the SFA reach an agreement, express or implied, that Mr Murray could be publicly critical of the “agreement” reached as an effort (a) to gauge his customers’ response or (b) to put pressure on the SPL to step back from having the “dual contract” disciplinary process move forward?

Was Mr Murray making his statement to show that the new owners of Rangers FC had done everything possible to fight their corner, but that the twin bogeymen of the SFA and SPL had them over a barrel as a result of the actions of Messrs David Murray and Whyte?

Was the speed with which Rangers FC responded an indication that, in fact, it knew what was coming?

We shall see. Continue reading


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Walter Difference A Week Makes! Rangers’ Ups and Downs

One of the hallmarks of the continuing Rangers saga has been the fact that, rather than being a long and steady decline, the story has progressed in fits and starts. For every two negatives for Rangers, there has been a positive, or at least a thread which their fans can grasp on to as a way out of the mire.

Rangers Fans don’t know whether to laugh or cry

We have had Craig Whyte taking the club from Sir David Murray’s hands, Mr Whyte’s gung-ho pronouncements about the “Big Tax Case”, the refusal in the summer to sell Mr Jelavic, the team taking the autumn lead in the SPL, the positivity taken from administration as seeing the end of Whyte, the emergence of the Blue Knights, and Bill Ng, and Brian Kennedy, and Bill Miller, and Charles Green, and the decision of Lord Glennie to overturn the SFA registration ban.

However, on each and every occasion the sparkle has quickly left the champagne, as apparent triumph fades away.

As the great philosopher John Cleese said, in his starring role in Clockwise:-

 “It’s not the despair, Laura. I can take the despair. It’s the hope I can’t stand.” Continue reading


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