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Charles Green – An Apology

When I wrote my blog last week about Mr Green and his imminent board meeting to deal with his “issues” about Craig Whyte, I confidently predicted that he would be out later that day.

However, I was wrong.

The Rangers-minded blogger, David Leggat, a man who has his inky fingers close to the Ibrox innards, had boldly predicted last Friday that Charles Green would survive this latest challenge. He then castigated award-winning journalist Keith Jackson for predicting that Green would fall – after all, as Mr Leggat made clear, Mr Jackson could not (presumably unlike Mr Leggat) have any reliable sources inside the Blue Room, else he would not have predicted the fall.

I make no claim of access to the inner sanctum on Edmiston Drive. My only visit to Ibrox was many years ago. It was to the wood-panelled offices, ascending the famous staircase, and in a professional capacity. I suspect that, by now, the batteries in the recording device I left behind might have failed.

However it seemed to me that, standing the storm surrounding Mr Green, it would be very difficult for him to survive. Continue reading


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Rangers Interim Results – Everyone at Ibrox is Very Happy – What About Asset Revaluation?

A brief note (yes – it will be brief).

Rangers International Football Club PLC’s interim results are out and can be read in full here.

People will pore over them but is seems clear that all is well on the Good Ship Rangers, and that Captain Green, Commodore Murray and First Mate Stockbridge are steering a course as plotted in its business plan and flotation document.

There is one squall on the horizon that I want to mention at this point.

As with weather approaching a vessel on the high seas, it might change course, missing the boat. It might blow itself out before reaching it. It might even turn out to be a smudge on the lookout’s telescope, and not there at all. Continue reading


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Accusations of “Rangers Hating” – As Much Basis as Those of Witchcraft?

The Black Flap responded to a comment by Maggie which had referred to a “whispering campaign” inside Ibrox against Chairman Malcolm Murray.

His comment addressed Maggie’s thought and also my “challenge” to show evidence of my “hate”, “bile” and “bias”.


Mr Flap said:-

Tell me. How do YOU know there is a whispering campaign? You don’t.
This is the problem with majority of posts here. Biased agenda. Hate filled conjectures:
share issue would fail – it didn’t
Rangers don’t have enough monies to see out season – bollocks
New winding up order – rubbish

That’s the biased agenda right there Pauly. Or just 3 examples of such which have been posited by you recently. Continue reading


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“Playing the Man and Not the Ball” – The Sun, Rangers and Downfall by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain

In which I consider the nature of ad hominem “arguments”, rather than reasoned debate, and the allegedly shifting views of a major Scottish organisation on free speech. Why did the Sun decide not to serialise the upcoming book by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain? What if anything will the Sun do about receiving “the kind of disgusting abuse that sadly infects some of Scottish football’s blogs and forums”? Finally, are the Offensive Behaviour and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act and the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act still in force, or have they been secretly repealed?


An ad hominem is an attempt to negate the truth of a claim by pointing out a negative characteristic or unrelated belief of the person supporting it. There are various varieties of ad hominem argument, including the circumstantial, the tu quoque and the argument of guilt by association. Continue reading


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Another Sevco/Rangers Mystery – the Phantom EGM? – by Ecojon

Well I have come across a few mysteries in this Long Downward March of Rangers and here is yet another one but hopefully contributors might be able to help identify a mystery Rangers shareholder.

Here is their signature and if you recognise it then let me know.

Let’s go back to 31 July when the Press Association (PA) issued the undernoted as part of a press release which was duly picked up and run by the rest of the sloppy Scottish Media.


‘Shareholders have voted in favour of Rangers owners Sevco Scotland Limited changing its name to The Rangers Football Club Limited.

‘An extraordinary general meeting of ‘oldco’ shareholders took place at Ibrox today, where procedures were approved to enable the name change.’

Very interesting but seriously wrong. Continue reading


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