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The SFL and their Approach to Clubs in Chaos – A Guest Post by Matt

Matt, one of my readers, has been kind enough to post a piece for the blog. He makes a simple, but so far much overlooked point about the different treatment meted out by the SFL to troubled teams.


Rangers Football Club (or Sevco Scotland or whatever you want to call them) are in crisis. In Charles Green they have a Chief Executive who refuses to reveal the identity of his backers, refuses to explain how he intends to fund the club as it negotiates its way through a crisis, and seems to be having great difficulty securing a banking facility to take payments for season tickets.

There are various different warring factions within their support, their top players have been leaving in droves, and friendlies involving them have been cancelled as clubs in England and France are not confident that Rangers can actually fulfil a fixture. The club is in a total mess. Continue reading


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