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The Daily Mail Reports on Belle De Jour and Sunday Times Apology Via a Time Warp

Every so often one gets confused reading the newspapers. Some things are reported which are undoubtedly false. Some things are mistaken. Sometimes the writer of the article seems not to understand what they are writing about.

And, with that preamble, I am confused by a story today reported in the Mail Online. Regular readers will know that the Mail Online is far from my favourite news outlet, although, as it is one of the most “popular” news websites in the world, I suspect those in charge are not bothered what I think.

Today’s story refers to the former “call girl” who went by the nom de plume of “Belle de Jour” and whose exploits were recounted in a blog and then in book form. She was then revealed to be Dr Brooke Magnanti, a research scientist. Her role was played in the TV adaptation of her writing, by Billie Piper. Continue reading



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Bedfordshire Police Ordered to Pay Libel Damages to Man Cleared of Murder – Bento v Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police


It is not uncommon, in the wake of a high profile criminal case resulting in an acquittal, or where a person convicted of an offence has the conviction quashed, to see a police spokesman make a statement. This might be to the effect that “the matter remains open but we are not looking for anyone else in connection with the matter” or words to a similar effect. In light of the decision of Mr Justice Bean in Bento v The Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police [2012] EWHC 1525 (QB), I suggest that police forces across the UK will require to exercise more care in future in commenting on such an event. Continue reading

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