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Have Rangers Paid Hearts for Lee Wallace? Charles Green and Chick Young Seem to Disagree

Last Saturday Charles Green spoke to Rangers fans at Ibrox for their match against Alloa. I wrote about what he was recorded as saying here. It would appear that not all that Mr Green was noted as saying was 100% accurate. I am sure the apparent discrepancies noted below were entirely as a result of oversight or error, and not a deliberate clouding of the issues or declarations of bravado to appeal to his audience.


There are two specific paragraphs I want to mention initially, which are reproduced exactly as they were written by the original poster on a Rangers message board.

3 – All footballing debt have been paid apart from the 31k to Dundee Utd which he has a letter confirming would be paid by the SPL.

6 – Rangers owed hearts the remainder of the Lee Wallace fee, Hearts were so desperate for the money eventually offering a 100k discount if we paid the cash two weeks ago. Thats why the couldn’t pay the wages.

My interpretation of that was as follows:-

  • Hearts have been paid for Lee Wallace.
  • Mr Green negotiated a discount for prompt payment. Continue reading


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A Look at the Sevco Scotland Website – aka Rangers.co.uk – The Spin-Meisters Take Over

In which I have a look at the Rangers.co.uk website and see that the Barnum style season ticket promotion is in full swing, and that the website is putting across the message that all is well – steady as she goes. I also offer a few thoughts about season tickets, and what power they give, which is not what people have been claiming.

Steady as she goes!

The Power of This Blog  🙂

If I had a grand conceit, I would think that a change to the Rangers.co.uk website was due to a blog post I wrote recently. However, I am not claiming the influence to effect such a change. It is noteworthy, at least to me anyway, that the small print at the bottom of the webpages no longer mentions that the Rangers Football Club PLC is being run by the administrators, but it now says the following:- Continue reading


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