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Craig Mather Shows He Can Talk As Much Rubbish For #Rangers As Messrs Green and Whyte!

The CEO of Rangers, Craig Mather, released the following statement yesterday. I thought it was worthy of some comment which might enlighten him.

It is good to see that the recent history of Rangers CEOs talking complete and utter nonsense in an effort to ingratiate themselves with the fans continues. It provides a continuing source of material for me to write about!

Mr Mather has a hard act to follow in that both Mr Whyte and Mr Green were not averse to bunkum and poppycock, but, perhaps with the help of Communications Director James Traynor, Mr Mather has leapt straight into the stratospheric heights of baloney attained by his predecessors. Continue reading



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The SFA Disciplinary Case Against Mr Green, Or Was it?

In which I offer a few thoughts on press coverage of the SFA disciplinary process involving Mr Green and Mr McCoist, some fine work of spinning by Rangers FC’s own media people regarding the same matter, and the possibility that Mr Green’s comments about the decision could themselves have been a breach of the rules!

Spot the common theme in the following extracts from reports about the SFA disciplinary hearing on Thursday:-

The Press Association

Chief executive Charles Green escaped with a censure for comments he made in the media claiming “bigotry” was one of the reasons his newco club were denied entry to the SPL.

From the BBC

Ibrox chief executive Charles Green was censured for claiming bigotry was among the motives for punishing the club. Continue reading


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Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report? – Crosspost from the Scottish Football Monitor

I am privileged to have had the chance to post a “guest” article on TSFM.

In this piece I look at what happened to the SFA commissioned “Nimmo Smith Report”.

The comments on the piece over at TSFM are well worth a look too.

Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?

On 21st February 2012 the SFA announced that it had appointed retired judge Lord Nimmo Smith to chair an independent inquiry into Rangers FC. His panel comprised Professor Niall Lothian, Past President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland; Bob Downes, former Director of BT and now Deputy Chairman of the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, and Stewart Regan, CEO of the SFA. Continue reading


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Analysis of Yesterday’s SFA Statement re Rangers FC

And lo! The tablets of stone have been brought down from the top of Mount Florida by Stewart Regan, in whom the SFA Board has “full confidence” (a feeling not replicated in too many other locations apparently).

The statement below, issued by the SFA yesterday, details all, or most, of the loose ends regarding Rangers FC. (As the football authorities are now referring to the football team owned by Sevco Scotland Ltd as “Rangers FC”, I will adopt the same practice). Nine questions are posed, and I have added my comments in bold under each section. The SFA questions are bold and underlined. Continue reading


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