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“For the Avoidance of Doubt” – Rangers Stamp on Inaccurate Stories And Dump Jack Irvine

Saturday evening seems to be a time for interesting news on the official Rangers website.

A couple of weeks ago we had the incredible disappearing post on the Rangers website – after Ally McCoist blamed Charles Green and his “contempt” for the defeat to Forfar, and the prompt removal of all reference to Mr Green shortly afterwards.

Tonight sees an unusual piece appearing (at least for now) and I have some comments on it below. However, you will see that I have summarised and paraphrased the piece, the original of which can be read here, as a result of the appearance of a copyright message on the website. I did not notice one until today – perhaps Rangers have realised the value of its intellectual property? Continue reading


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Charles Green Lays the Path For More Players to Leave Rangers – But Here Comes “Bomber” Brown!

Mr Green is under pressure. His dream of owning the famous Glasgow Rangers was not life long, nor even a year long yet. He never envisaged, I am sure the team playing in SFL3, nor many of his top players leaving with nothing coming to the Sevco coffers as a consequence.

Equally, as discussed by Ecojon in his recent posts on the blog, his investors, thinking that they were buying into an SPL club, might be rather shocked at finding that rather than AC Milan and Barcelona, the visitors to Ibrox would be Annan Athletic and Berwick Rangers!

The twin disasters of being admitted only to SFL3 and the departure of many millions of pounds worth of players, (although he only paid £2.75 million for the rights to them) have crippled his cash flow, and the season ticket boycott urged by many Rangers FC fans is no help either.

Mr Green has commented that Rangers FC has no players, and Mr McCoist has said he only has six, although my count suggested there were over forty.

Mr Green though has accepted that three of his internationals can leave, and they do so with his blessing for their loyalty. Continue reading


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The Sevco Board Met The Rangers Fans Fighting Fund – What Happened?

In which I comment on the meeting of the Sevco Scotland Board and manager with the Rangers Fans Fighting Fund.

It is clear that the wagons are being circled at Ibrox. What is not clear is Mr Green’s funding and backers, but he has promised a reply to all questions only days from now!

It is not clear though how much money his company has just now and has access to, nor if the sums mentioned include the purchase price of the assets.

It is also unclear how the £30 million which would have been in the bank mid-July, if a CVA had succeeded has now vanished from the discussions unless it was to be the sale proceeds of the players.

And talking of the players, I wondered why Mr McCoist referred to only having six first team players. Maybe his definition of first team players differs from mine, and more importantly from the official Rangers website!

And finally, has there ever before been a league where a player for one team receives in wages almost 50% more than the entire turnover of a team in a higher division? (To which the answer is probably yes, but it will definitely happen should Sevco Scotland succeed in having a team in SFL3 in the coming season!) Continue reading


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Charles Green “Over Next 7 Days, All the Questions will be Answered”. Here are Some for Sevco Rangers

Mr Green has promised answers to “all the questions” within seven days. I have suggested a few for him to respond to.

I also note he talks about what happens “if” the Appellate Tribunal re-convenes. I wonder of the SFA will announce soon what is happening with that. I am sure Lord Carloway has a summer holiday to go on!

It also seems to be the case, although this is not a surprise of course, that in Mr Green’s mind “the good of Scottish football” = the preservation of “Rangers”.


Charles Green has made a couple of statements via Pravda, aka the official Rangers website.

The first deals with the unknown factors. It is titled “All Will Become Clear”. Continue reading


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