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It’s Free Speech Jim (Spence), But Not As We Know It – Rangers v BBC – Guest Post By JohnBhoy

An event has occurred that should prove a second watershed in the history of Rangers FC. The first turning point introduced the lexicon of business insolvency into the sporting arena, under the tombstone headed LIQUIDATION; the second pivotal moment is no less seismic. The orchestrated campaign by The Rangers and their fans to formally complain about Jim Spence of BBC Scotland Sportsound ought to have but one ending: the formal announcement by a pillar of the establishment – the BBC – on the status of Rangers FC.

Let us recap. Jim Spence had the temerity on BBC Scotland Sportsound to voice a view, not necessarily his own, that the current club plying its trade at Ibrox is not the same club pre and post liquidation. On the 4th September Jim uttered the immortal line: “John McClelland who was the chairman OF THE OLD CLUB, some people will tell you the club, well, THE CLUB THAT DIED, possibly coming back in terms of the new chairman…” This caused outrage amongst Rangers fans who, encouraged by Chris Graham, immediately complained to the BBC. The Rangers website issued a “Club Statement”, wherein they disclosed that they have instructed “Rangers’ lawyers to write to the BBC Trust” to ensure that “uses of the terms ‘new’ and ‘old'” are not used when referring to Rangers. Continue reading



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Neil Doncaster of the SPL on BBC Radio Scotland – Transcript 30 April

I have transcribed Mr Doncaster’s appearance on Monday night on Sportsound with the two Jims, Spence and Traynor.

I thought it fairest to do so because, to be frank, much of what Mr Doncaster said seemed to me wrong, legally and factually, and remarkably, as I mentioned early on Tuesday, seemed to give credence to my Bill Miller “Switcheroo” theory.

As I see that Mr Doncaster is a former solicitor, then I accept that he might be right 100%. The reader can judge when I post my comments on what he had to say. That should be up later today (Wednesday).

I think it is fair to say that what he said was very telling, and that Messrs Spence and Traynor did their best to pin him down.

It is clear what message Mr Doncaster wanted to get across, and also what he was not willing to answer.

If I was a Rangers fan, what Mr Doncaster had to say would have had me jumping up and down with delight.

If there are any transcription errors, then they are mine entirely, and I would be happy to correct them. The link to the podcast is here – http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/scotland/scotfoot/scotfoot_20120430-1922a.mp3

And now, across to the BBC Sportsound studio!

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