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Some Thoughts On Conflicts, EBT’s and SPL v Rangers in Reply to Comments

The blog was busy yesterday with comments, for which many thanks to all.

However, I wanted to deal specifically with a few contributors, who made the mistake of asking me for a response either directly or by implication. 🙂

This blog post therefore provides some further thoughts on a few matters – EBT’s, the tax case, conflicts of interest, whataboutery, Minority Report by Philip K Dick, the cultural significance of Rangers and whether there is a point to investigating past offences.

Finally by way of housekeeping, I remark on a recent burst of comments which I have not approved for publication on the site. Continue reading


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“Conflicts of Interest” – Lawyers and Scottish Football

Three bodies representing Rangers fans recently issued a statement which received uncritical commentary coverage in the media. I wrote about it yesterday here.

I wanted to look specifically at one of the issues raised – Conflict of Interest. This piece takes as its base my section on conflict yesterday but expands on it.

The statement from the fans’ groups said:-

“There would appear to be a serious conflict of interest in the choice of law firm appointed by the SPL to carry out their investigation. Harper MacLeod have acted for Celtic FC, who would be the main beneficiaries of any finding of guilt in the case. Indeed, until it was recently removed, they included a testimonial from Celtic CEO Peter Lawwell on their website. The SPL could have chosen any law firm to carry out this investigation and it was extremely naïve of them to appoint a firm with such a close connection to a rival club.” Continue reading


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The Errors in the Rangers FC Fan Groups’ Offensive Against SPL Inquiry

Last night three of the Rangers FC’s fans’ groups have come out fighting on the SPL proceedings to be dealt with by an Independent Commission.

The statement can be read in full below. I have appended some notes and comments which are in bold. I will say in advance that disagreeing with the fine gentlemen who make up these bodies is not my default position. However, the facts are the facts, and obfuscation and misleading words and ideas, however innocent, ought to be clarified.

I also wonder what advice, if any, the groups to0k before preparing the statement. There are various parts of it which seem to me to be defamatory of Harper MacLeod, of the SPL, of the Board members thereof and of officials of Celtic. Not perhaps the wisest of ideas.

If a siege mentality is being developed at Ibrox, as seems clearly to be ever more the case then this statement works perfectly. Outside obervers will view it as nonsensical and ill-informed.

Within the stockade however it will be seen as standing up for the club. Continue reading


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