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The Green Brigade and Strathclyde Police – What Are The Rules About Their “Corteo”?

What happened last weekend when the Green Brigade and its supporters decided to walk to Celtic Park together?

Depending on the sources you choose to accept, Saturday’s events constituted one, some or all of the following:-

  • A Fascist gathering of terrorist supporters intent on destroying the British State
  • A National Socialist gathering of terrorist supporters intent on destroying the British State
  • A conspiracy of Catholic lawyers, politicians and journalists intent on undermining the rule of law
  • A brutal episode of police brutality showing we live in a country under the jackboot of oppression
  • A stroll on a bracing March Saturday by committed football fans to watch their favourite team and to draw attention to their unjustified oppression
  • Proof that the Scottish Government is intent on criminalising football fans

I did think of having a poll with these options, but I do not think the answers would help. Continue reading



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What Makes One a “Rangers Hater”? Is It Anyone Not in the 500 Million Strong Worldwide Rangers Support?

After a brief hiatus, I am back at the blogging again. Apart from penning some thoughts on Hearts and the apparent imminent departure of Mr Romanov from the Scottish football scene, I had been engaged in preparation for, and attending at, the Sheriff Court with my gown on my back again.

I mentioned this briefly on Twitter (can readers imagine my pain in having to compress thoughts into 140 characters?) and was hugely gratified by the kind words and congratulations offered to me.

I would not be back “in the saddle” without having had huge help and support and I am immensely grateful to friends, family and wider acquaintances for their backing.

After the blogging I have done over the last 20 months or so, rattling off a 17 page and 6,000 word submission on the implications of the Tenements (Scotland) Act seemed a breeze. And we got the result we wanted.

But, to reassure anyone who is worried about it (although that number would be very small) I will still be blogging for as long as I find interesting things to write about. Continue reading


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