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Charles Green and Craig Whyte – Connections or Coincidences?

100bjd contributed an excellent post yesterday, having analysed the portfolio of Allenby Capital. This was a company set up by Imran Ahmad, who sold up at Allenby recently to join Zeus Capital, and who has now quit that company to take on a full time role at Ibrox.

That piece raises the possibility that there could be links, either deliberate or coincidental, between Mr Green and Mr Whyte.

One of the companies to which Allenby Capital has acted as an adviser is Merchant House Group, which is very closely connected to Craig Whyte.

It is, of course, possible that Mr Ahmad had nothing at all to do with MHG in his time at Allenby, although, as the top man in the business, he might at least have been expected to be aware of this major client. Mr Whyte has been closely involved with MHG over a number of years, and the other office holders in MHG, such as Mr Holmes, have been close associates of Mr Whyte over many years.

Whilst this does not place Mr Green immediately in contact with Mr Whyte, it does provide a close link to him, and perhaps makes it easy to see why Mr Whyte was in position to effect an introduction for Mr Green’s consortium to Duff & Phelps.

As well as the financial adviser connection through MHG, Allenby Capital and Mr Ahmad, there seems to be a further connection in the legal field, if you pardon the pun (which of course won’t become apparent as a pun till later in this piece). Continue reading


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Charlie Green – A mover and a shaker running out of time – Guest Post by Ecojon

We know that Bears don’t do walking away though first team players do but when it comes to Charlie Green he moves so fast I don’t know how he remembers what company he’s chairing.

In January this year he was chairing Formation Group PLC but company results were down and perhaps he felt his jaikit was on a shoogly peg because on 11 January the Bermudan registered Nova Resources Ltd announced Charlie was now company chairman and a non executive director.

The Singapore-based Nova had only just joined the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) two days before with a market capitalisation of £6.37 million and Nova said Charlie would be a key asset in the Company’s expansion. AIM was notified that Charlie was a current Director with Formation Group PLC.

Things appeared to go well because nine days after joining Nova he received a share option on 20 January of 1 million shares with an exercise price of 8.25p. But into each life must fall a little rain and on 22 February 2012 Formation Group PLC announced the resignation of Charles Green as non-executive chairman and director with immediate effect for personal reasons. As Charlie had been a founder chairman of Formation many years before his seemingly hasty departure was a bit of a surprise to say the least. Continue reading


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The ties that bind Wayne Rooney, his wife and Charlie Green – Guest Post by Ecojon


And before any Bears have a heart attack I can reveal that Wayne Rooney coming to Ibrox is not on the cards and that’s OFFISHAL although he would definitely be an asset in SFL3.

Charles Green most certainly is a busy boy on his current European travels and today we take a look into his frenetic lifestyle flitting from safe house to safe house and joining Celtic fans on a birthday celebration, if only.

I know you might be expecting the exclusive on his trip to Geneva but that will come soon so be patient and wait and see whether he met-up with Swiss businessman Alessandro Celano who fronts-up the mysterious Blue Pitch Holdings and its invisible shareholders that the SFA are itching to identify to sign up as new SPL sponsors no doubt.

For today let’s concentrate on the multi-million court battle that a Formation Group Plc subsidiary had with Wayne & Coleen Rooney and another legal bun-fight with European football player agency Gestifute. OK settle down and get a few pies to hand and some Irn Bru in solidarity with our SFL comrades – you’ll need them  🙂 So let’s get the technical stuff out of the way before looking at the delectable Coleen and her rough diamond of a hubby.

Formation Group Plc was formerly known as Proactive Sports Group PLC and in July 2010 the Group acquired Proactive Sports Management Limited – a previously owned company which managed sports personalities – to assist with sports-related legal wrangles involving the Rooneys and Gestifute. Continue reading


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