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Whatever Happened to the Rangers EGM To Appoint Easdale and Sack Murray? Now Green Wants One!

In May the “opposition” to Malcolm Murray as chairman of Rangers requisitioned an EGM. The purpose of this was to appoint James Easdale and Chris Morgan and to remove Malcolm Murray and Phil Cartmell.

Rangers acknowledged this to the Stock Exchange on 16th May and in early June announced that the shareholders who had requisitioned the meeting were in consultation with “the company” (Rangers Intergalactic Football Club PLC) and the timetable had been delayed in the hope of resolution.

Walter Smith was then appointed to take over as chairman from Malcolm Murray, who stepped down as chairman but who remained a board member.

Things seemed to have gone very quiet. The time for the EGM had passed, which was in order as long as the requisitioning shareholders agreed. Continue reading


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Battle Lines Are Drawn – Rangers Must Hold EGM By 4th July

And so we see that the process of checking the requisition for an EGM of RIFC PLC was quickly concluded.

After this morning’s announcement, the Stock Exchange saw the following statement released tonight at 6.13pm. It can be read in situ here.

16 May 2013

Rangers International Football Club plc

(“Rangers” or the “Company”)

Requisition of General Meeting

Further to the announcement earlier today, the Board of Rangers confirms that it has received a notice requisitioning a General Meeting of shareholders to consider the removal of Mr Malcolm Murray and Mr Phil Cartmell as directors of the Company and the appointment of Mr James Andrew Easdale and Mr Christopher Andrew Morgan as directors.

On the basis that the requisition is not withdrawn, the Company intends to post a notice to all shareholders convening a general meeting. Further announcements will be made as appropriate.


Nit-pickers like me will notice that the subheading to this announcement is: “Rangers” or the “Company”.

The earlier one was sub-headed: “Rangers”, the “Company”, or the “Club”. Continue reading


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