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So Farewell Then Charles Green! We Hardly Knew You

Rangers International Football Club PLC (RIFC) made the following announcement yesterday:-

Rangers International Football Club plc

(“Rangers”, the “Company” or “Club”)

Share Transfer Agreement

The Company announces that under an agreement entered into by Charles Green, the former CEO of the Company, with Laxey Partners Ltd (“Laxey”) on 19 October 2012, Mr Green has agreed to transfer 714,285 shares owned by him to Laxey, once free to effect a transfer. Under the terms of the lock-in agreement entered into by Mr Green with the Company on 7 December 2012, Mr Green is prevented from transferring shares before 7 December 2013, without the consent of Cenkos Securities plc other than in limited circumstances such as to connected persons, a family trust or in the event of a takeover of the Company.

Further to the announcement on 19 April 2013, Mr Green left the Company on 31 May 2013.

Companies House records now show that on 4th June termination of Mr Green’s appointments as directors of The Rangers Football Club Ltd (formerly Sevco Scotland Ltd) and RIFC was recorded.

RIFC has also, over recent weeks, taken steps to tidy up the various subsidiary companies which had sprouted over the years from the Ibrox soil by having them dissolved. Continue reading


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