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So Farewell Then Charles Green! We Hardly Knew You

Rangers International Football Club PLC (RIFC) made the following announcement yesterday:-

Rangers International Football Club plc

(“Rangers”, the “Company” or “Club”)

Share Transfer Agreement

The Company announces that under an agreement entered into by Charles Green, the former CEO of the Company, with Laxey Partners Ltd (“Laxey”) on 19 October 2012, Mr Green has agreed to transfer 714,285 shares owned by him to Laxey, once free to effect a transfer. Under the terms of the lock-in agreement entered into by Mr Green with the Company on 7 December 2012, Mr Green is prevented from transferring shares before 7 December 2013, without the consent of Cenkos Securities plc other than in limited circumstances such as to connected persons, a family trust or in the event of a takeover of the Company.

Further to the announcement on 19 April 2013, Mr Green left the Company on 31 May 2013.

Companies House records now show that on 4th June termination of Mr Green’s appointments as directors of The Rangers Football Club Ltd (formerly Sevco Scotland Ltd) and RIFC was recorded.

RIFC has also, over recent weeks, taken steps to tidy up the various subsidiary companies which had sprouted over the years from the Ibrox soil by having them dissolved. Continue reading


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Rangers Blow Whistle on the SFA – by Ecojon

Ecojon posted this as a comment, but I think it is worth a full post, as I sit here watching the rain batter down against the windows of Paisley Sheriff Court.

Take it away Ecojon!


BOMBSHELL documents show how outraged Rangers directors accused chairman Malcolm Murray of spilling sensitive information on the club.


It would appear that the smear campaign to force Malcolm Murray out the door continues apace. What is particularly fascinating is that he is accused of ‘leaking’ by someone presumably very close to the Rangers International Board who has leaked the board minutes. A leaker leaked on the alleged leaker so to speak :)

But the real bombshell in the leaked minute is the involvement of the SFA in the private affairs of one of its member clubs. The Rangers board minute stated: ‘The SFA mentioned to the acting chief executive (Craig Mather) that the Rangers board situation needed addressing as the SFA understood information was leaking from the chairman’. Continue reading


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I didn’t hear a half-time roar from Ibrox on Saturday so assume a lucky Bear didn’t manage to hit the crossbar and collect £1 million.  Or has the prize actually been won and the lucky winner doesn’t realise it?

It may well be that the Promoter of the Crossbar Challenge and the Teddy Bear Challenge might even have to refund all the phone charges paid by those who entered both competitions.  “Surely not!” I hear you say.

Well BEAR with me while I lay BARE the facts as I see them. 🙂

First things first. Continue reading


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Craig Mather Froths over Rangers Job – Guest Post by Ecojon

Now that Charles Green has sprinted down the marble staircase at Ibrox for the last time all eyes are  trying to spot his replacement with talks of boardroom splits between the True Blue ‘Dignity’ Brigade and the mystery people who actually own Rangers Football Club. For the moment I will ignore Wee Craigie’s claims, not because I have dismissed them, but purely in the interests of clarity.

A lot of focus has landed on Craig Mather an English businessman who is a member of the original shareholder consortium persuaded by Green to invest in approx £1 million in TRFCL . I have done a previous article on Craig if you want to read it  – link at end of post.

For the present and future many are waiting to see what hitherto secret ingredient Craig can apply to the swirling dust clouds that have engulfed Ibrox in recent times and bring crystal-clear clarity, free from all the old toxins. He may well be just the man to do it and the ace up his sleeve might be a Northern Ireland marketing miracle and possibly a truly motivational wee guy from Wishaw to help him achieve his goal. Continue reading


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Craig Responds To Ecojon’s Comments on the Belgrano

Ecojon’s comments are indented, with Craig’s comments thereon beneath.

“There is nothing in any of these statements that I would wish to retract and I have no intention of going through Craig’s point by point defence of the sinking of the Belgrano as my Guest Post was aimed mainly at the effect Thatcher’s warped economic vision had inflicted on UK mining communities.”

I must say I’m disappointed that someone who has made many reasonable factual posts about Sevco over the past year is unwilling to consider the facts on this matter.

“I will, however, make some general comments in a broader context of the Falklands War although I am all too well aware of the skilled dissembling that the MOD is capable of in keeping its secrets and the myths that were hurriedly spun by them and senior politicians over the Belgrano which – and I clearly stated this – ‘presented no immediate dangers’ to British forces. No matter Craig’s defence of the UK myths that was the actual position at the time the almost 50 year old cruiser was sunk.”

Then you are clearly wrong. Any Argentine warship in the South Atlantic posed a serious threat to the British task force. In addition to her own capability, her very position restricted Woodward’s room for manoeuvre. Continue reading


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