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Charles Green’s Irish Business Connection + Orange Strips? – by Ecojon

When Charlie Green visited Ulster in September this year and sat at a table bedecked with the Ulster Banner many apologists explained he was ignorant of the nuances involved. Fair enough, why would a Yorkshireman know of these matters even though he had been CEO of Rangers and involved in trying to buy the club since at least February of this year.

But I wasn’t so sure because Chico ain’t no dummy and is the second-best snake oil salesman I have ever encountered. My suspicion increased when he was asked at the ‘Rangers Northern Ireland Till I Die’ meeting:

‘Would Rangers consider bringing out an Orange Top?’ and Charlie answered: “Yes, they have a number of designs and are coming near agreement with Adidas”.

Bringing out any football top in a club like Rangers, with a 500 million worldwide support, is an extremely important financial decision & commitment especially when partnered with Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct to flog Rangers gear in its shops. Continue reading


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