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Guest Poster Den’s Thoughts on the Future For Rangers

One of our regular commenters, Den, posted the following in response to a comment by Niall. It gives Den’s summary of where we are and of what COULD happen, rather than what WILL happen.

I felt it would be useful to pop it up as a Guest Post – so here it is.


I am certainly struggling with this whole affair. My guess would be that another insolvency event is likely.

This whole affair has confirmed what I knew of the weaknesses of Company law and administration and surprised me in how blatantly the laws and rules can be, and were, disregarded.

It is hard time know what Craig Whyte is contesting or what he has ever been up to. I would think it was always in his own interests and always will be. If others lose on the way I don’t expect he will lose any sleep. Anyone who has followed this story will find it hard to disagree so far. Continue reading


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Some Thoughts Post the Rangers Share Offer – by Den

The spin will be that the issue was a success. I would say that green and co will be very disappointed, £5m shortfall is very significant.

The fans for all their clamour, for all the club PR hype and the slightly heavy legal threats to, off message, commentators have only taken half of their allocation.

I guess it is understandable given that the fans have paid out for STs.  Mr  Green and his board weren’t to know that were they ?

These are tough economic times, typical that recessions happen just 4 years before your share issue. Such bad luck !

The Prospectus didn’t arrive on time to a lot of potential Investors. Who could have foreseen postal delays just before Christmas, who could have allowed a bit more time? Continue reading


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More Duff and Phelps Analysis – Confusion Reigns – Guest Post by Den

Den has been kind enough to review an article from last night with some scintillating quotes from Duff & Phelps. If a week is a long time in politics, 24 hours is a lifetime in the affairs of Rangers.

However, other matters need to be attended to before I offer my thoughts on the Judicial Panel report (all 63 pages of it).

For now, Den will take you back to the long lost days when everything looked positive for Rangers and the Blue Knights were still in the game…ie yestyerday!



I was taken by this piece last night.


Former Rangers manager Graeme Souness says he has not been contacted about being part of a takeover bid for the club – and that he is not interested.

With all the disinformation we have been fed I expect to see Graeme outside Ibrox being applauded by the fans before the end of the season. I expect that the season will last beyond Sunday, possible into next season. Continue reading


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