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The Daily Mail Reports on Belle De Jour and Sunday Times Apology Via a Time Warp

Every so often one gets confused reading the newspapers. Some things are reported which are undoubtedly false. Some things are mistaken. Sometimes the writer of the article seems not to understand what they are writing about.

And, with that preamble, I am confused by a story today reported in the Mail Online. Regular readers will know that the Mail Online is far from my favourite news outlet, although, as it is one of the most “popular” news websites in the world, I suspect those in charge are not bothered what I think.

Today’s story refers to the former “call girl” who went by the nom de plume of “Belle de Jour” and whose exploits were recounted in a blog and then in book form. She was then revealed to be Dr Brooke Magnanti, a research scientist. Her role was played in the TV adaptation of her writing, by Billie Piper. Continue reading



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Mr Leggat, the Easdales and Charles Green – Thoughts on Defamation and Stock Market Abuse

David Leggat has shown by his insight into the internal affairs of Rangers that he still has a fine nose for a scoop.

He spotted the apparent flaws in Mr Green at an early stage, repeatedly calling him a snake-oil salesman. And even though, as the year progressed, he became one of the biggest cheerleaders for Mr Green and his consortium, he could be excused for having been led into misjudging the soon-to-be former Director.

It would be unfair to hold his change of mind against him, and in fact I am sure he would be quick to claim that he had been right about Mr Green from the start.

Yesterday too he indicated his prescience, pointing out that he had used his contacts to find out about and publicise the freezing of season ticket prices well in advance of the official announcement from Rangers.

As a man with his finger on the pulse, it is clear that he is privy to thoughts inside Ibrox. Continue reading


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Now Charles Green Threatens to Sue Craig Whyte!

Radio Clyde has reported the following:-

Clyde news can reveal Rangers Chief Executive Charles Green and Director Imran Ahmad are considering issuing a writ for damages against Craig Whyte for defamation of character.

It’s reported the former Rangers owner is poised to start court action against them, claiming he was working alongside Charles Green in the Sevco takeover of the club.

Craig Whyte has given a newspaper recordings of conversations he had with the pair in London before the deal was done, but we understand they believe he has not released the content in full as that would reveal the true detail of their negotiations.

Can Messrs Green and Ahmad sue Mr Whyte, and if so, to what end? Continue reading


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Predictions for 2013 – All Wrong or Your Money Back! – Part 1 – Blogging, Legal and Rangers

It appears to be de rigueur for anyone who writes regularly to do either a review of the year just ended, or predictions for the coming 12 months, if not both!

Whilst I might do a review, I thought I would make some predictions first.

I put on my Nostradamus gear to write my predictions

I put on my Nostradamus gear to write my predictions

Feel free to add your own suggestions or analyses.

Some of my predictions, or guesses, will lead to later posts explaining my reasoning (if I get round to it) but for now I have tried to keep this short and snappy.

Please feel free, on 1st January 2014, if we are spared till then, to let me know how close to 100% inaccuracy I have managed!

Blogging Predictions

I will keep blogging.

I will continue to annoy supporters of a brand-new football club (Only joking!) playing in Glasgow who will misunderstand what I write. Continue reading


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