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Can Rangers Legitimately Register New Players on 1st September? Yes They Can

There was an interesting blog post by Daniel O’Connell brought to my attention at the weekend.

His contention was that Rangers would be breaching the terms of the SFA player registration rules by registering its new signings on 1st September, which is the day after the “registration embargo” accepted by Sevco Scotland Ltd (as it then was) as a condition of SFA membership. He stated “The intention was that the new club would be unable to register players until January 2014 (albeit after giving them the summer 2012 window to build up their squad for the assault on Division 3).”

He suggests that “The basis for this belief is that clubs can register “free agents” from September 1st, and that as Bell and Daly’s contracts with their previous clubs expire on June 30th, they will be free agents.”

He then refers to the SFA’s registration procedures here and especially Article 1.2 which reads:-

“A professional player who has failed to find employment during a registration period may sign and be registered for a club outwith the registration periods.”

He suggests that the fact that the “free agents” signed by Rangers “have found employment” means they cannot be registered outwith the transfer window, and thus cannot legitimately play for Rangers until January 2014. Is this then another alleged instance of the Scottish football authorities bending over backwards to Rangers, as some accuse them of doing? Continue reading


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