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“Charity Begins At Home” – But Is the Rangers Charity Foundation in Breach of the Law?

The Rangers Charity Foundation (RCF), established in 2002, has since then a proud record of helping many charitable causes.

The charity’s own website details many of these admirable activities.

The Scottish Charity Register entry for the RCF records the object and purposes of the charity.

Its object is as follows:-

“The Trustees shall hold the Trust Fund and the income of it to pay and apply the same to or for the benefit of or in furtherance of such purposes, objects or institutions charitable in law and in such proportions and manner as the Trustees shall think fit. In exercising their discretion in terms of this Clause the Trustees shall give primary consideration to the wishes of those persons who gift or lend funds to the Foundation but this proviso shall impose no binding obligation on the Trustees.”

According to the RCF website, the Trustees are Craig Whyte, Martin Bain, John Greig and Jacqueline Gourlay. The website may not be up to date. Mr Bain is of course suing Rangers for breach of contract caused by Mr Whyte’s ill-guarded public comments. Mr Greig resigned as a Director of the football club, complaining about a lack of involvement and transparency. Any meetings of the Trustees might have had just a touch of an unpleasant atmosphere, although I am sure the professionals round the table would put personal differences aside for the goals of the charity.

These issues have not stopped the RCF continuing to support its purposes, which are, as recorded in the Register and on the RCF website:-

  • Prevention or Relief of Poverty
  • Advancement of Education
  • Advancement of Health
  • Advancement of Citizenship or Community Development
  • Promotion of Equality and Diversity
  • Relief of Those in Need By Reason of Age, Ill Health, Disability, Financial Hardship or Other Disadvantage

Over the last seven years, the RCF’s income has totalled in excess of £1.9 million, much of which has gone out to support a whole range of worthy and deserving projects, both in the local area surrounding Ibrox, and wider afield too.

As the RCF website records:-

“The Rangers Charity Foundation (Scottish Charity Number SC033287) exists to bring Club, supporters, staff and players together in a unique way to help make the world of difference to thousands of lives through a range of charitable work.  Being a champion of charitable giving is our goal, and since our creation in 2002 we have donated over £910,000 in cash awards and over £1,423,000 of in-kind support to hundreds of groups and individuals, making a combined total of over £2.3 million.”

For this season the RCF’s focus is as follows:-

“For Season 2011/12 the Rangers Charity Foundation worked with Community Partner Erskine, National Charity Partner The Prostate Cancer Charity and International Partner, UNICEF to deliver significant projects that provide a lasting legacy and make a real difference where support is needed most.   For the Foundation, working with each organisation to really understand and support their key aims and objectives is as important as fundraising and handing over a cheque at the end of the relationship.”

The Rangers Charity Foundation is a very good thing, which has done many good works. Continue reading


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