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Did I Miss Anything Today? The Perils of Being a Blogger too Busy to Read Comments!

Well, I said to myself as I said down at the PC tonight with a fine mug of tea at my hand, I wonder if my references to the Conveyancing and Feudal Reform Act have calmed down the tube/tupe debate, and I wonder if anyone has had anything to say about JohnBhoy’s post?

About 90 minutes later, I have made it up to date.

I remember when I gave up on reading all the comments on RTC’s blog. I don’t manage to keep up with the comments at all on TSFM.

However, as this blog has my name on it, I need at least to skim over comments, if possible. I understand what I heard once in an email from RTC – namely that comments eventually hit a critical mass where it becomes impossible to screen them. For fear of that (and I am sure I am a long way short of RTC in readers) I have always taken the decision to trust people. I do not even have the patented RTC method of catching posts which included words like “hundred”, “shunned”, “hunter” and “chunder”. Unless you mention Rosencran*z, your post will usually go through. Continue reading


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