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Welcome One and All! A Reply to the “Obsessed”!

Every so often there is a burst of activity in the comments on the blog and some of the “old faithfuls” make their reappearances.

Now, unlike others I do not think this is a symptom of some great conspiracy hatched in Ibrox or in the Media House bunker. After all, I commend people like cam, carson, Willy Wonka, Steerpike and the rest as being of a commendably independent spirit.

Interestingly, in the past, these “busy days” have preceded some dramatic event at Ibrox …

WordPress, which is the platform for this blog, has a fun feature. It tells me the people who have made most comments in the last 1,000 on the site. (And as we are now over 85,000 comments since the blog started, these are statistics which reflect recent activity).

Bearing in mind that almost 1,000 of the comments include the word “obsessed” or “obsession”, it is rather ironic that the following list shows the top 7 commenters in the last 1,000. Continue reading


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Carson’s Thoughts on League Reconstruction

Carson posted this yesterday.

Bizarrely the plans for reconstruction might unite fans of all teams – on the basis that everyone thinks they are rubbish!

And, as an aside, people will have noticed the Albion Rovers influence on the glorious result for Annan Athletic at the weekend? Jim Chapman, the manager, is a former Rovers player and manager!


And as a second aside, Carson found a couple of posts in moderation yesterday, but not through censorship of conflicting views, but through use of a couple of words which failed to pass thru the filters.

Now, Carson, the floor is yours.


In reference to those seeking league reconstruction , one thing sticks out , before the mighty Rangers had their financial troubles there was no mention of reconstruction , it seemed to be a wee sweetener for the sfl clubs to shoe horn Rangers into div 1 with sanctions , correct ? Continue reading


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